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B'z The Best "ULTRA Pleasure"
Compilation album by B'z
Released June 18, 2008
Genre Rock
Length 1:10:32 (Disc 1)
1:02:46 (Disc 2)
Label Vermillion Records
Producer Tak Matsumoto
B'z chronology
5th Best-of

B'z The Best "Pleasure II"
6th Best-of

B'z The Best "ULTRA Pleasure"
7th Best-of

B'z The Best "ULTRA Treasure"

B'z The Best "ULTRA Pleasure" is the sixth compilation album released by B'z on June 18, 2008. Released to coincide with their 20th anniversary debut, this is their first official best of album to include 2 discs, if not taking into account the unofficial status of "Flash Back -B'z Early Special Titles-". Rare footage from their previous lives have been included on a Premium Live DVD as part of the "2CD+DVD" edition, in addition to the standard 2CD edition. Two popular non-Single tracks from their catalogue have been re-recorded especially for this release: "BAD COMMUNICATION -ULTRA Pleasure Style-" and "Pleasure 2008 ~Jinsei no Kairaku~". Fan favorite "Itsuka no Merry Christmas" is also included as the only other non-Single track in this compilation. All tracks on this best of album have been remastered.

Unlike other B'z compilations, this best of album includes tracks from their past 20 years and as a result, many tracks available on B'z The Best "ULTRA Pleasure" overlap with songs found on previous compilations such as B'z The Best "Pleasure" and B'z The Best "Pleasure II". Disc 1 (known as The First RUN) collects songs from 1989 to 1998, while Disc 2 (The Second RUN) collects songs from 1998 to 2007. Notably, their 41st single "Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu" and the latest single at the time of release, "BURN -Fumetsu no Face-" were both missing from this compilation, but were later selected by fans to be included on B'z The Best "ULTRA Treasure".

Initially, there were plans to include the bonus DVD on limited editions only. However, this plan was scrapped and as a result, both editions could be bought year-round. In commemoration of the album's release, street boards, flags and signboards were displayed for a limited time in Shibuya, Tokyo.

When B'z The Best "ULTRA Pleasure was released, B'z were still touring nationwide for B'z LIVE-GYM 2008 "ACTION". Similar to the release of the single "BURN -Fumetsu no Face-" earlier in April, other than commercials promoting their new release, B'z were unable to make television appearances due to their busy schedule.

Upon release, B'z The Best "ULTRA Pleasure" premiered in the top spot on the weekly Oricon albums chart, making it the top selling album for the month of June. The Recording Industry Association of Japan has certified the album as a Million seller. It is also currently the last compilation album by B'z to top one million in sales. On December 9, 2008, Christmas-themed editions, limited to 100,000 copies, for both this album and B'z The Best "ULTRA Treasure" were re-released. This resulted in the album reaching the 15th position of the Weekly Oricon Album chart for the week of December 22. In total, the compilation has appeared on the Oricon charts 56 times and was ranked as the seventh best selling album of 2008.

Track listing

All music and guitar by Tak Matsumoto. All lyrics and lead vocals by Koshi Inaba.

Disc 1: The First RUN

    File:b06 01.ogg Re-recorded version of the titular song found on their first mini album BAD COMMUNICATION. With a length of 6:20, it is approximately one minute shorter than the original. This version is similar to live renditions performed by B'z in recent years.
    File:b06 02.ogg 4th single. The oldest recording on this album.
  3. Easy Come, Easy Go!
    File:b06 03.ogg 6th single.
    File:b06 04.ogg 8th single.
  5. ALONE
    File:b06 05.ogg 9th single.
  6. ZERO
    File:b06 06.ogg 11th single.
  7. Itsuka no Merry ChristmasA Merry Christmas Once Upon A Time, いつかのメリークリスマス
    File:b06 07.ogg From mini-album FRIENDS.
  8. Ai no Mama ni Wagamama ni Boku wa Kimi Dake wo KizutsukenaiEven Though Love is Selfish, You're the Only One I Won't Hurt, 愛のままにわがままに
    File:b06 08.ogg 12th single.
  9. Hadashi no MegamiBarefoot Goddess, 裸足の女神
    File:b06 09.ogg 13th single.
  10. NegaiWish, ねがい
    File:b06 10.ogg 16th single.
  11. love me, I love you
    File:b06 11.ogg 17th single.
    File:b06 12.ogg 18th single.
  13. Mienai Chikara ~INVISIBLE ONE~ミエナイチカラ, Invisible Power
    File:b06 13.ogg 19th single "Mienai Chikara ~INVISIBLE ONE~/MOVE" 1st beat.
  14. Calling
    File:b06 14.ogg 22nd single.
  15. Samayoeru Aoi DanganWandering Sapphire Bullet, さまよえる蒼い弾丸
    File:b06 15.ogg 24th single.

Disc 2: The Second RUN

  1. HOME
    File:b06 16.ogg 25th single.
  2. girigiri chopon the edge chop, ギリギリchop
    File:b06 17.ogg 26th single.
  3. Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka niOn the Hilltop Where We Can See the Moon Tonight, 今夜月の見える丘に
    File:b06 18.ogg 27th single.
  4. juice
    File:b06 19.ogg 29th single.
  5. ultra soul
    File:b06 20.ogg 31st single.
  6. Atsuki Kodou no HateThe Result of this Hot Heartbeat, 熱き鼓動の果て
    File:b06 21.ogg 33rd single.
    File:b06 22.ogg 34th single.
    File:b06 23.ogg 36th single.
  9. Ai no BakudanLove Bomb, 愛のバクダン
    File:b06 24.ogg 38th single.
  10. OCEAN
    File:b06 25.ogg 39th single.
  11. ShoudouImpulse, 衝動
    File:b06 26.ogg 40th single. Single version collected for the first time on an album.
  12. SPLASH!
    File:b06 27.ogg 42nd single.
  13. Eien no TsubasaEternal Wings, 永遠の翼
    File:b06 28.ogg 43rd single.
    File:b06 29.ogg 44th single.
  15. Pleasure 2008 ~Jinsei no Kairaku~The Pleasure of Life, 人生の快楽
    File:b06 30.ogg The original version, Pleasure'91 ~Jinsei no Kairaku~, was released as a B-side on the 8th single "LADY NAVIGATION" in 1991. This is the third version of the song recorded on an album (Pleasure'98 ~Jinsei no Kairaku~ is available on B'z The Best "Treasure"). As is custom with the Pleasure series, for this re-recording, parts of the lyrics and composition have been changed.

Premium Live DVD

The DVD compiles select performances of songs from tours that have previously never been available on home video before.

  1. "Itoshii Hito yo" Good Night...
    From B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure'92 "TIME" - Yokohama Arena, 1992.8.20
    At the time of release in 2008, it marked the first and only full recording of their 7th single available on DVD. Previously, the only other home video where this song was available was JUST ANOTHER LIFE, which was a recording of B'z LIVE-GYM "Pleasure'91". However, it only included the ending portion of the song, with no lyrics, as part of the home video's introduction. In 2013, B'z The Best XXV 1988-1998 included a bonus DVD recording of this single from its debut tour B'z LIVE-GYM '90~'91 "RISKY".
  2. Mou Ichido Kiss Shitakatta
    From B'z LIVE-GYM '93 "RUN" - Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium, 1993.6.17
    This fan favorite only appeared on the second half of the tour, alternating with the ballad "ALONE" during the course of the tour.
  3. Odekake Shimasho
    From B'z LIVE-GYM '94 "THE 9TH BLUES -Part1-" - Yokohama Arena, 1994.7.1
    An energetic song performed throughout the 1994 tour. It made a rare appearance 13 years later in B'z SHOWCASE 2007 -19- and B'z SHOWCASE 2007 -B'z In Your Town- as the last song in all shows, with a home video release available on the former SHOWCASE tour.
  4. love me, I love you
    From B'z LIVE-GYM '96 "Spirit LOOSE" - Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium, 1996.5.22
    The single served as the third track on all dates of the tour, after Koshi announces "Welcome to the B'z LIVE-GYM" (B'z no LIVE-GYM ni yoko so).
    From B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure'97 "FIREBALL" - Tokyo Dome, 1997.3.23
    Unlike other versions of this song, for this tour the first half of "BAD COMMUNICATION" starts off with an acoustic arrangement similar to "BAD COMMUNICATION (000-18)", from the album "LOOSE", with the later half evolving into the standard composition that fans are accustomed to.
  6. Calling
    From B'z LIVE-GYM '98 "SURVIVE" - Osaka-Jō Hall, 1998.6.2
    The single was used as the closing track for all dates of the 1998 tour. B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -C'mon- marked the song's return as a closer for the tour.
    From B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2000 "juice" - Chiba Marine Stadium, 2000.8.9
    Footage from the legendary live which took place on August 9, 2000, where heavy rain was falling throughout the stadium. As a result of such severe and dangerous weather conditions, a total of five tracks were cut from the regular setlist which consisted of 20 songs. On this day, "LOVE PHANTOM" was the thirteenth and last song to be performed before the encore. Unlike other LIVE-GYM concerts, a live orchestra accompanied the performance of "LOVE PHANTOM". B'z LIVE-GYM Hidden Pleasure ~Typhoon No.20~ includes a performance of "RING" from the same date.
  8. GOLD
    From B'z LIVE-GYM 2001 "ELEVEN" - Seibu Dome, 2001.7.15
    Debuted in the Dome portion of the tour as the latest single at the time, this marks the first appearance of the single on DVD. This song would later be included in the 2013 home video release of B'z LIVE GYM 2001 -ELEVEN-. The single would not be played live again until 12 years later in B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2013 -ENDLESS SUMMER-.
  9. Don't Leave Me
    From B'z LIVE-GYM 2003 "BIG MACHINE" - Tokyo Dome, 2003.12.27
    Even though this song was voted by fans as the 15th most requested song for B'z LIVE-GYM The Final Pleasure "IT'S SHOWTIME!!", it was not selected for inclusion in the aforementioned live. However, it was included as part of the standard setlist for B'z LIVE-GYM 2003 "BIG MACHINE", along with its following single "MOTEL" and a rare appearance for "Himitsu no Futari".
  10. Samayoeru Aoi Dangan
    From B'z LIVE-GYM 2005 "CIRCLE OF ROCK" - Makuhari Messe Event Hall, 2005.7.7
    This song appeared only in the Hall and Arena portions of the tour and was cut from the Dome performances, along with THE CIRCLE album track "Sanctuary". The home video release of B'z LIVE-GYM 2005 -CIRCLE OF ROCK- records only the Dome performance, which marked the debut appearance of album track "X".

Sales data

No. Cover Compilation Physical Copies Sold Chart Positions Certification
6 06b.jpg

B'z The Best "ULTRA Pleasure"