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The B'z Wiki is a fan-operated, nonprofit website. No claims to any images featuring B'z or B'z releases are made through their inclusion on this website. All material is under ownership of the respective parties and is reproduced here purely for educational purposes.

B'z insignias, works, and images are copyrighted by Vermillion Records, a subsidary of Being, Inc. All rights are reserved for said parties with no claim of exclusive domain by being found on this website.

Lyrics featured on this website unless otherwise noted are authored by Koshi Inaba and are supplemented with unofficial English translations and romanized transcriptions solely for the aid of foreign fans. Magazine and related interviews featuring the band are translated for the sake of education and are not reproduced in their original languages as it is not the intention of B'z Wiki to duplicate this content or provide an alternative to the official sources.

Samples of music featured on this website are sourced from official sources or officially-sanctioned sources such as the official B'z website, iTunes, Amazon, and other Japanese and international music platforms where B'z music is for purchase. None found here are intended to infringe on the rights of any parties and are purely educational in nature. All are intended to fall within the legal boundaries of Fair Use. The samples generally fall within 10% of the song and up to roughly only 30 seconds in length.

Any original content by contributors to the B'z Wiki is considered in the open domain. This content may be reproduced on other personal, non-commercial internet and print ventures without concern. Linking to source articles from within the Wiki is appreciated and encouraged but is not legally required.