B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see-

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B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see-
Start Date July 20, 2011
End Date July 24, 2011
Country United States
Songs 18
Home Video Web Stream
Shows 3

B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see- was a LIVE-GYM tour held by B'z in 2011. The tour ran from July 20, 2011 to July 24, 2011. This would be the third LIVE-GYM tour for B'z in the United States and Canada and was their first in the countries in eight years, since B'z LIVE-GYM 2003 "BANZAI IN NORTH AMERICA". A year later, it would be succeeded by B'z LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free-, which would become their most substantial international offering to date with seven stops that saw appearances on both coasts of North America.

Although the tour coincided with the release of the band's eighteenth studio album, C'mon, none of the album songs apart from the then most recent single "Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo" would be played. Instead, the setlist was more akin to that of a Pleasure LIVE-GYM with a number of well-known singles making up the majority of the setlist.

The finale in Los Angeles was streamed live on the internet for fans worldwide via Ustream.

Touring Band


  1. Into Free -Dangan-
  2. Juice
  5. Ichibu to Zenbu
  6. Home
  7. OCEAN
  8. Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni
  9. Calling
  10. love me, I love you
  11. Hadashi no Megami
  12. Splash
  13. Brotherhood
  14. Ai no Bakudan
  15. girigiri chop
  16. BANZAI


  1. Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo
  2. ultra soul

English version or original English song


2011.07.20 Canada Vogue Theatre (Vancouver, BC)

2011.07.22 United States The Fillmore (San Francisco, CA)

2011.07.24 United States Club Nokia (Los Angeles, CA)