Live Life

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Live Life
single by Tak Matsumoto
Released January 16, 2013
Genre Rock
Length 8:21
Producer Tak Matsumoto

Live Life is a digital exclusive single by Tak Matsumoto, released in the United States and Japan on January 16, 2013. The single features a brand new instrumental version of the track "Live Life" previously featured in vocal form on Strings Of My Soul with the vocal melody in the song being replaced with guitar. The original vocal rendition is included as the second track.

The track was specifically crafted for the album, with Tak writing the music and performing all guitar while the lyrics were written by co-producer Paul Brown and Dax Reynosa. Vocals were provided by Sam Drysdale who delivered his very first vocal performance on a record with the vocal version of the song.

The single, whose artwork was an altered version of that used for the aforementioned album, was Tak's first single in eight years since "Imitation Gold" featuring fellow GIZA artist Mai Kuraki. Additionally, it was not only Tak's first digital single but his first single outside of Japan.

Track listing

All music composed by and all guitar performed by Tak Matsumoto.

  1. Live Life -Instrumental-
    An all-new instrumental track of the only vocal song on Strings Of My Soul. A new guitar melody now replaces the vocals.
  2. Live Life -Vocal-
    The original vocal song from Strings Of My Soul, collected here in the same form as the album.


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