Imitation Gold

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Imitation Gold
single by Tak Matsumoto
Released October 8, 2003
Genre Rock
Length 22:02
Producer Tak Matsumoto

Imitation Gold (イミテイション・ゴールド) is the second collaborative single by Tak Matsumoto featuring Mai Kuraki, released on October 8, 2003. Both songs from the single were released as part of the larger collaborative effort The Hit Parade later in the year, which featured numerous Being artists covering classic Japanese songs as re-arranged in rock form by Tak himself.

Track listing

All guitar performed by and all music arranged by Tak Matsumoto.

  1. Imitation Gold (featuring Mai Kuraki)
    File:sp02 01.ogg .
  2. Watashi wa Kaze (featuring Yuri Nakamura)
    File:sp02 02.ogg .
  3. Imitation Gold (VOCAL LESS)
  4. Watashi wa Kaze (VOCAL LESS)