2002 FIFA World Cup International Day Concert

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2002 FIFA World Cup International Day Concert
Event featuring B'z
End Date June 27, 2002
Country Japan
Songs 15 (B'z)
17 (Aerosmith)
1 (B'z & Aerosmith)
Home Video Aerosmith: Live in Japan 2002 (DVD)
Shows 1

2002 FIFA World Cup International Day Concert was a special event co-featuring B'z and American rock legends Aerosmith at the 2002 FIFA World Cup on June 27, 2002 at Tokyo Stadium.

The story between B'z and Aerosmith that led to this encounter is covered in the article "The Storied History of B'z and Aerosmith: When the Top Rock Bands in Japan and America Come Together".

Touring Band



  1. juice
  2. DEVIL
  3. ZERO
  4. love me, I love you
  5. Warp
  6. Blue Sunshine
  8. STAY GREEN ~Mijuku na Tabi wa Tomaranai~
  9. Calling
  10. Atsuki Kodou no Hate
  12. Liar! Liar!
  13. Samayoeru Aoi Dangan
  14. girigiri chop
  15. ultra soul


  1. Back in the Saddle
  2. Love in an Elevator
  3. Just Push Play
  4. Jaded
  5. Mama Kin
  6. Pink
  7. Girls of Summer
  8. Stop Messin' Round
  9. Dream On
  10. Draw the Line
  11. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
  12. Cryin'
  13. Walk This Way
  14. Uncle Salty~Sweet Emotion


  1. Theme from Spider-Man
  2. What It Takes
  3. Livin' on the Edge

Aerosmith & B'z

  1. Train Kept A Rollin'


2002.06.27 China Tokyo Stadium