7-Eleven presents B'z PREMIUM LIVE

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7-Eleven presents
Event featuring B'z
Start Date December 5, 2017
End Date December 7, 2017
Country Japan
Songs 16
Home Video To Be Determined
Shows 2

7-Eleven presents B'z PREMIUM LIVE was a special event featuring B'z that spanned two dates in December of 2017. The shows were highly exclusive with entrance determined by lottery upon pre-ordering premium compilation set B'z COMPLETE SINGLE BOX at participating 7-Eleven retailers in the spring. Each successful entry gained access to a pair of the 5,000 available tickets. The two shows were held at Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Osaka Bayside, which had just held its grand opening ten months earlier.

The event immediately preceded album tour B'z LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR"—the first of its kind since 2015—that came in support of twentieth studio effort DINOSAUR. As a result, many of the album's tracks were premiered live in the sixteen track setlist. Notably, digital single "Fukiarenasai" which first saw release in the fall of 2016 was also performed for the first time. The 1997 single "FIREBALL" returned to the live stage for the first time in fifteen years, with the last performance coming during B'z LIVE-GYM 2002 "Rock n' California Roll". The less extensive absence of "Kodoku no Runaway", last played for 2008's Pleasure 2008 -GLORY DAYS-, was also brought along for the first time in nine years.

The setlist was slightly altered for the Osaka showing two days after the first, with "MOTEL" replacing "Don't Leave Me" and DINOSAUR album tracks "Sore Demo Yappari" and "Rooftop" swapping places.

Touring Band


  1. Seimei
  2. CHAMP
  3. Kodoku no Runaway
  4. Haruka
  5. Sore Demo Yappari / Rooftop
  7. Don't Leave Me / MOTEL
  9. Rooftop / Sore Demo Yappari
  10. Ichibu to Zenbu
  11. DIVE
  12. Dinosaur
  13. King Of The Street
  14. Fukiarenasai
  15. Still Alive
  16. ultra soul