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Start Date December 14, 2017
End Date February 4, 2017
Country Japan
Songs 21-22
Home Video B'z LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR"
Shows 18

B'z LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR" is a LIVE-GYM by B'z that took place from December 14, 2017 through February 4, 2018 in support of their twentieth studio album DINOSAUR. As was the case with 2015's -EPIC NIGHT- LIVE-GYM, the tour was announced months early without a title, in June. The tour was preceded earlier in the year by B'z SHOWCASE 2017 -B'z In Your Town- which were the band's first shows in two years after a spate of solo projects, and two exclusive 7-Eleven presents B'z PREMIUM LIVE shows which saw the live debut of a number of songs from DINOSAUR.

This LIVE-GYM marks the second time a tour spans two years, with the last being B'z LIVE-GYM '91~'92 "IN THE LIFE" twenty-five years ago. It is also one of the few tours to take place in the winter, with B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -C'mon- being the most recent prior.

The setlist remained consistent, with only "Don't Leave Me" and "MOTEL" alternating throughout the tour, with "MOTEL" last performed five years ago in B'z LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free-. Notably, this marks the second time in a row that "Don't Leave Me" was selected for inclusion on an album tour, two years after B'z LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-. However, despite its recent frequent appearances, the track is not included on either tour's home video releases. "Itsuka no Merry Christmas" returned after a six year absence and was performed in the first five dates, but was later removed after Christmas had passed. "FIREBALL" was revived after 15 years, having last appeared in B'z LIVE-GYM 2002 "Rock n' California Roll". "Akai Kawa" also made a rare reappearance for the first time in 23 years, making its debut outside of 1994's THE 9TH BLUES tour.

Fan favorite "Kodoku no Runaway" makes a comeback after nine years of absence, marking only its second time being played in an album tour - A similar situation also occurred with "OH! GIRL", another staple of Pleasure tours, where it was selected for inclusion in the setlist of B'z LIVE-GYM 2008 "ACTION" nearly a decade prior. Popular singles "DIVE" and "BANZAI" also reappear, with "BANZAI" returning as the closing track, after being briefly used as a closer in the ACTION LIVE-GYM. "Fukiarenasai" made its live debut in this tour, with the track occupying the call and response segment popular with B'z LIVE-GYMs. With the exception of "Queen Of The Night", all songs from DINOSAUR have been included in LIVE DINOSAUR's setlist.

The band's two performances at the Saitama Super Arena were filmed for a home video release B'z LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR" on July 4, 2018.

Touring Band


  1. Seimei
  2. CHAMP
  3. Kodoku no Runaway
  4. Haruka
  5. Rooftop
  7. Don't Leave Me / MOTEL
  8. Akai Kawa
  10. Sore Demo Yappari
  11. Itoshiki Yuurei
  12. Yowai Otoko
  13. Purple Pink Orange
  14. Ichibu to Zenbu
  15. DIVE
  16. Dinosaur
  17. King Of The Street
  18. Fukiarenasai
  19. Still Alive


  1. Itsuka no Merry Christmas (From December 14th to 24th only)
  2. ultra soul

Ending SE: Hitori Janai Kara -Theme Of LIVE-GYM- / *Unreleased Song* (From December 23rd)

Home Video Recordings

January 14, 2018 — Saitama Super Arena

Concert recorded in full and available on B'z LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR".


2017.12.14  China Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center

2017.12.16  China Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center

2017.12.17  China Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center

2017.12.23  China Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome

2017.12.24  China Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome

2017.12.30  China Nagoya Dome

2017.12.31  China Nagoya Dome

2018.01.07  China Tokyo Dome

2018.01.08  China Tokyo Dome

2018.01.13  China Saitama Super Arena (Performed as a Dome showing)

2018.01.14  China Saitama Super Arena (Performed as a Dome showing)

2018.01.20  China Sun Dome Fukui

2018.01.21  China Sun Dome Fukui

2018.01.27  China Sekisui Heim Super Arena

2018.01.28  China Sekisui Heim Super Arena

2018.02.01  China Kyocera Dome Osaka

2018.02.03  China Kyocera Dome Osaka

2018.02.04  China Kyocera Dome Osaka