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Album by Tak Matsumoto
Released November 26, 2003
Genre Instrumental
Length 50:49
Producer Tak Matsumoto

THE HIT PARADE is the sixth studio album by Tak Matsumoto, released on November 26, 2003. The album is a collaboration between himself and fellow Being artists as they cover various Japanese music classics with all-new rock arrangements formulated by Tak.

Track listing

  1. Katte ni Shiyagare (featuring Koshi Inaba)Translation, 勝手にしやがれ
    File:sp03 01.ogg .
  2. Ihoujin (featuring ZARD)Translation, 異邦人
    File:sp03 02.ogg .
  3. Namida no Taiyou (featuring Rina Aiuchi)Translation, 涙の太陽
    File:sp03 03.ogg .
  4. Sonoki ni Sasenaide (featuring Yuuka Saegusa, Kitahara Aiko and Takaoka Ai)Translation, その気にさせないで
    File:sp03 04.ogg .
  5. Imitation Gold (featuring Mai Kuraki)Translation, イミテイション・ゴールド
    File:sp03 05.ogg .
  6. Minato no Yoko Yokohama YokosukaTranslation, 港のヨーコ・ヨコハマ・ヨコスカ
    File:sp03 06.ogg .
  7. Ame no Machi wo (featuring Akiko Matsuda)Translation, 雨の街を
    File:sp03 07.ogg .
  8. Paper Doll (featuring Fayray)
    File:sp03 08.ogg .
  9. "Ichigo Hakusho" wo Mou Ichido (featuring Akane Sugazaki)Translation,
    File:sp03 09.ogg .
  10. Foggy Night (featuring Yumi Shizukusa)
    File:sp03 10.ogg .
  11. Shoujo A (featuring Azumi Uehara)Translation, 少女A
    File:sp03 11.ogg .
  12. Byun Byun (featuring Daria Kawashima)Translation, ビュン・ビュン
    File:sp03 12.ogg .
  13. Purple Town (featuring Shiroi Takei)Translation, パープルタウン
    File:sp03 13.ogg .
  14. Toki ni Ai wa (featuring Keiko Utoku)Translation, 時に愛は
    File:sp03 14.ogg .
    File:sp03 15.ogg .
  16. Hitori ~I Stand Alone~ (featuring Jeffrey Qwest)Translation, 一人~I Stand Alone~
    File:sp03 16.ogg .
  17. Watashi wa Kaze (featuring Yuri Nakamura)Translation, 私は風
    File:sp03 17.ogg .


Vocalists and featured artists are included with individual songs above