Raging River (English Version) (Lyrics)

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Romanized Title      Raging River
Japanese Title       Raging River
English Title        Raging River

Music                Tak Matsumoto
Lyrics               Koshi Inaba

Release Date         2000

Note: This song in English exists only as a short, acoustic demo that was accessible via enhanced CD online features on B'z The "Mixture" upon release. As of now, it is not longer accessible.

English Lyrics

You can't hide, you know it's true
You can't run, still got many things to do
You never wanted, this situation
To be a burden, drag them down

Life is short, too short to have fun
Life is long, too long to go wrong
Carrying a heavy load, it's made you cold
You've got too much on your mind
It's making you old

Stand up in the middle of the raging river
Wash away, wash away
Erase the memory of everything you love
Wash away, wash away, wash away