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B+U+M, or B'z Unreal Music, was the name given to the studio musicians, production engineers, and support staff for early B'z releases from 1990 to 1994. While B'z itself has always been comprised of only Tak Matsumoto on guitar and Koshi Inaba on vocals, the band wished to give a name to the people that were helping them realize the parts of the music they were unable to on their own. B+U+M were credited on B'z releases beginning with "BE THERE" from 1990 through "MOTEL" in 1994. Afterward, the group was dissolved and integrated into B'z management. As of now, they operate as the band's private record label under the name of Vermillion Records.

Notably, on the band's third studio album BREAK THROUGH, released in February of 1990, B'z included a song entitled "B.U.M", in which the lyrics proclaimed "We are B'z & the Funky Crew".

B+U+M Members