Sport! MEMORIAL~Sweat and Tears~

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~Sweat and Tears~
Album by Tak Matsumoto, B'z & Various
Released September 9, 2004
Genre Rock, Hard Rock, Pop
Length 41:02
Label GIZA Studio
Producer Tak Matsumoto & Various

Sport! MEMORIAL~Sweat and Tears~ (すぽると! MEMORIAL~Sweat and Tears~) is a compilation album collecting theme songs by various artists that had contributed to the Fuji TV program Sport! released on September 9, 2004. The album is notable for being the only release on which the Tak Matsumoto solo composition "RED SUN" has been made available in full. The song was also released the same year in abbreviated orchestral form as a medley on House Of Strings as part of "SACRED FIELD~RED SUN~GO FURTHER" but otherwise is not available outside of this album.

In addition to collecting songs by fellow GIZA artists Mai Kuraki, GARNET CROW, ZARD, doa, and Rina Aiuchi, the album has contains the B'z song "ROCK man" which had served as a theme to the program in 2001 and was released as a B-side to "ultra soul" the same year. Additionally, "SACRED FIELD" from Tak Matsumoto's 2002 solo album DRAGON FROM THE WEST is included as the closer.

Track listing

  1. RED SUN
    File:redsun01.ogg By Tak Matsumoto
  2. ROCK man
    File:s31 03.ogg By B'z — Also released on "ultra soul" (2001)
  3. Make my day ~album version~
    By Mai Kuraki
  4. Bokura Dake no MiraiOur Only Future, 僕らだけの未来
  5. Forever You ~Eien no Kimi to~Forever You, 永遠に君と
    By Rina Aiuchi
  6. Hi no Tori no Youni — Like a Firebird, 火の鳥のように
    By doa
  7. Hitomi TojiteClosed Eyes, 瞳閉じて
    By ZARD
  8. Spiral — スパイラル
  9. Come on! Come on!
    By Mai Kuraki
    File:t08 01.ogg By Tak Matsumoto — Also released on DRAGON FROM THE WEST (2002)