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SAHARA~feat. Koshi Inaba
Single by Slash featuring Koshi Inaba
from the album Slash
Released November 11, 2009
Recorded 2009
Length 9:14
Label Universal International
Producer Eric Valentine
Koshi Inaba and Slash in the studio. Slash commented on the experience, saying: "Koshi was super professional and just came in and nailed it. He doesn't mess around—he's just very focused. He did everything he had to do to get it down to the way he wanted it. A very simple, very easy, painless experience."
The two on stage together at SUMMER SONIC 2010 for a surprise live rendition of their joint single "SAHARA". This would be the only live performance of the song to date.

SAHARA is a single by American guitarist Slash featuring Koshi Inaba, released in Japan on November 11, 2009. The track was included in the deluxe edition of the former's eponymous album Slash released in March 2010. A special English version of the title song entitled "SAHARA (English Version)" was made available as part of the deluxe package and was released for those who pre-ordered the album as well.

The collaboration came about as a result of Slash being familiar with the work of B'z and Koshi's status as a top rock vocalist in Japan. After hearing their then-most recent work, Slash got in touch with Koshi and the two began work on the single together over e-mail. Upon release of the single, fans were unsure whether the two would ever have the opportunity to perform the song live together. These fears were abated when Koshi made a surprise appearance during Slash's set at the Japanese music festival SUMMER SONIC 2010 where the two teamed up for the only performance of the song to date.

The single charted at number four on the Weekly Oricon Singles chart in the week of release before finishing eighth for the month of November. Most notably, the single became the first by a foreign artist to finish in the top five in seven years on the Oricon singles chart.

Track listing

All music composed by and guitar performed by Slash. First track's lyrics written by and its vocals performed by Koshi Inaba.

  1. SAHARA~feat. Koshi Inaba
    The first ever collaboration between Slash and Koshi, the former revealed in a 2009 interview that he had "heard of the B'z before" and was given their latest CD at the time, which led to the idea to ask Koshi if he would be interested in a collaboration. Slash continued, saying, "I had a piece of music I thought he would really like and I sent it over to him, and he did, he liked it. And so, he wrote the most amazing melody for it." Koshi recorded a demo from Japan before flying to Los Angeles where the two met for the first time. They corresponded over e-mail beforehand in order to work on the arrangement, while Slash recorded the final version of the music. Koshi then came in to record the final vocals, for both the Japanese and English version of the song. Additionally, Slash stated that he hoped the collaboration would be a means of making up for any disappointment suffered by his Japanese fans after his side project Velvet Revolver had to cancel a tour there a few years prior.
  2. Paradise City~feat. Fergie & Cypress Hill
    A self-cover of the 1987 Guns N' Roses song of the same name, Slash revisited this rock classic from the band's debut album with new vocalists Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and hip hop group Cypress Hill. The song would be included as a B-side here and on the deluxe edition of Slash released in March 2010.


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