Hitori Janai Kara -Theme Of LIVE-GYM- (Lyrics)

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JAPANESE ひとりじゃないから -Theme Of LIVE-GYM- ENGLISH You're Not Alone -Theme Of LIVE-GYM-
NOTE: This song was originally a composition used as the ending music for B'z LIVE-GYM 2010 "Ain't No Magic". Its tune was published ahead of time on the official LIVE-GYM website along with the lyrics so that fans would be prepared to sing along at the end of shows on the tour. It has never been included on an album or similar release. The song has since been used for tours that followed as well.

Released in 2010 | Music by Tak Matsumoto | Lyrics by Koshi Inaba | Translated by OFF THE LOCK





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tanoshii koto bakari ga tsuzukeba dore hodo subarashii koto darou
aa tokidoki kangaekondeshimau no wa dare mo ga issho da

(1, 2, 3, 4!)

hitori ja nai kara ikiteyukeru
ashita wa koko wo hanareteite mo
hitori ja nai kara naitari mo suru
watashi wa anata no soba ni iru

yume wo omoidasu kono machi de sakebou ____ (NAME OF CITY)



What a wonderful thing it must be, for good things to keep happening
Ah, everyone has thought that from time to time

(1, 2, 3, 4!)

You're not alone, so you can go on living
Even tomorrow, when you've left this place,
You're not alone, so even when you cry
I will be by your side

Recalling your dreams, let's scream here in the city of ____ (NAME OF CITY)



楽しいことばかりが続けば どれほどすばらしいことだろう
あぁ ときどき考えこんでしまうのは 誰もが一緒だ

(1, 2, 3, 4!)

ひとりじゃないから 生きてゆける
明日は ここを 離れていても
ひとりじゃないから 泣いたりもする
私は あなたの そばにいる

夢を思い出す この街で叫ぼう ○○(地名)